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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  September 16, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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security guards running around real frantic. >> a doctor shot. a patnt killed. the gunman dead. all the violence inside a hospital known for being one of the best in the world. good evening, i'm jim vance. >> and i'm doreen gensler.
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those shootings happened at johns hopkins in bolt moaltimor. the gunman took his own life after shooting his mother and her doctor. we're learning more about t gunman's life and work in the washington area. we begin with dorothy spencer live in baltimore. dorothy. >> doreen, it's obvious the gunman was extremely upset with his mother's doctor. what exactly set him off remains a mystery tonight. baltimore this morning, shot and wounded an ortpedic surgeon, shot and killed his mother, then took his own life. authorities say he became distraught while talking to dr. david cohen about his mother, 84-year-old jean davis. he pulled out a semi automatic gun and fired one shot.
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>> based on the initial assessment, thwounds appear to be survivable wounds. >> he barricaded himself inside his mother's room. police found them dead in an apparent murder/suicide. >> it came over the loud speaker we couldn't exit the children's center, and, of course, flashing all overhe news what was happening, so i was happyo be locked in with security guards outside the door. >> nobody coming in, nobody going out. we heard this emergency bell le, bonk, bonk, bonk. oh my gosh. what is going on? it was scary.xd >> it could have been a 9/11 thing. we ddn't know. >> reporter: t shooting happened just after 11:00 in the morning on the eighth floor of the nelson building. there are several hundred unarmed guards at the hopkins campus. some say secury needs to be boosted. >> i think in every entranceway there should be a scanner and all security -- security guards at every door. >> it is frightening.
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i would never expectñi this. this hospital is well secured and protected and it's crazy and ridiculous for sothing like this to happen. >> dr. cohen did undergo surgery today. again, he is expected to recover, johns hopkins hospital officials say they are reviewing security procedures. reporting live from baltimore, da dorothy spencer, news 4. our coverage continues in arlingt arlington, where neighbors are questied tonight. jack benson outside the house he shared th his ailing mother. >> reporter: this was the last person they would expect to do something like this according to neighbors. by night fall, arlingn, virginia, police officers were talking to neighbors on south kenmoore street, where the john hopkins gunman, 54-year-old john partis harland, lived with his mother. >> he took excellent care of his
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mother. >> reporter: neighbors reacted with shock. they said they frequently saw him coming and going from the green bungalow as he cared for his mother. 84-year-old jean davis who suffered from alzheimers and other illnesses. >> he lived with his mother and then stayed with the hospital when she became ill. it's so hard for me to believe. >> she made appointments forher to go to the beauty shop >> rerter: he worked for a metro axis driver. in june,he took family leave, presumablely to care for his mother, which neighbors say he did with great devotion. >> every day he would come home. take her to contract, every day. i took her to the nursing thing or whatever. i can't believe he shot her. oh, can believe this. this is crazy. >> partis did have a permit to
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carry a concealed handgun. his brother tells the associated press tonight that recen surgery to help his mother walk again had failed and partis may just not have been ab to bear that. you. toyou. rainy weather outside has turned into some severe storms moving into the area. doug in the weather center with more. what's the word? >> they are the western area right now, coming through par of maryland, west virgia, an into virginia as well. severe thunderstorm wning i effect until we're looking at that until 11:45. including the city of haegerstown, martinsburg, winchester and frederick county, maryland, and frederick county, virnia, and berkeley county and jeffeon county to west virginia, as well as washington county. that's severe thunderstorm warning in effect until 11:45. waching storms as they move toward the east. the have been severe toward the west as well. we'll continue to watch them move through the area for the next half an hour to 45 minutes.
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watch out around haegerswn and frederick, maryland. even in the front royal area. these storms have a history of severe weather. good news, we'll get out of this fairly quickly and tomorrow we'll see much nicer weather. 67 when you wake up tomorrow morning. clearing skies, much nicer day. more on e storms and how they'll affect you over the next couple of hours. >> thank you, doug. two discovery communication employees held hostage in silver springs say they used cell phones to send messages about their fourour deal. they talk publicly for the first time to oprah winfrey today. they were forced to lion the floor of the discovery center's lobby when a gunman stormed in two weeks ago. a third hostage, a security guard, was behind the desk. woods said he managed to send an e-mail to his boss alerting him to what was going on. hours later, the hostages made a run for it. >> jim looked at me, and i
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oked back at the gunman. he looked down and i just turned and ran as fast as i think i've ever run >> both men ran, officers shot the suspect, james lee, dead. police say he was armed with starter pistols and home made pipe bombs. overseas day, pope benedict spoke his strongest words yet on the church sex abuse scandal. while on a trip to england and scotland, theope told journalists that the catholic church has not done enough when it comes to disciplining brooei priests. at a mass in scotland, he warned of the temptation of sex and pornography. benedict's trip is the first state visit by a pope to great britain in nearly 500 years. the white house is denying th first lady mchelle obama ever described her life as first lady as "hell" in a new book, two french journalists claim
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that she made that comment to france's first lady. the french embassy has also denied it. coming up, investigators looking into complaints of naked firefighters. and a toddler crawl onto a busy highway. and being a few pounds overweight might not be so bad. dan, what's ahead on sports? >> the caps back on the ice after a long summer off. michael vick getting his first start in a long time and clinton portis goes silent. news 4 at 11:00 continu hey, ove, i'm gonna need a bank. any ideas? capital oneank. they're everywhere. ♪ yeah, you're right!
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a teenager in prince kworges county died tonight after being shot in a high ayattsvillepark. investigators have not named the victim. no word on a suspect yet either. a vigil held in d.c. for a do shot and killed by a memetro police officer. police say that the dog was aggressive on sunday and that the dog bit two people. the dog's owner said that never happened. parrot got into it with another dog. those organizing tonight's vigil say they want to make people aware that pitbulls can be really good dogs, but they say it takes a responsible owner to keep those dogs out of trouble. d.c. fire and ems has
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launched an allegations that nad frefighters prepared and served food at a retirement party at a firehouse. the party took place at an engine house in the columbia heights neighborhood. we got a picture of a naked firefighter cooking. as many as three firefighters prepared and served food naked with female personn present. >> this event occurred in late july and in early august, a coplaint was filed, and since then, our internal affairs office has been conducting an investigation. so that is ongoing, open investigation. >> the department says it has a zero tolerance policy for this type of behavior, whether firefighters are on duty or off. coming up, before you start that next diet, you might want to hear what some new research says about carrying around an extra ten pounds. hundreds of thousands of people come home to smelly mailboxes after an unusual
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political mailing. >> and doug will be along to
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if your pants have been feeling aittle snug lately, might want to reconsider your plan for a crash diet. in news for your health, a new research fis a little extra weight can actually be good for you. >> i'd like to lose ideally about 15, 20 more pounds. >> michael work out three days a week. does about an hour of cardio and takes long walks in his neighborhood. >> i'm getting there. i think i'm in shape now, but 20 years of sitting to make up for. >> reporter: it's all to lose a little extra weight that he says is slowing him down. >> when you drop a few pounds, you all of a sudden notice walking faster is easier, jogging is easier, playing
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sports is easier. >> reporter: but now there are a growing number of studies find that being a little bit overweight may not be so bad for you. we're not talking about being obese, but carrying an extra five to ten pounds. it may not shorten your life, and, in fact, it cou even make it longer. there are certaiy a number of diseases where people certainly seem to do better with a little higher bmi above t quote normal. >> reporter: people with a body mass index in the overweight range were no more likely to die from cancer or cardiovascur disease. another study out of australia found that overpetition people in their 70s were lessikely to die in the next ten years of their life than those who were normal weight. those researchers say it's an indication that a little etra ight could actually fortify people against illness and injury as they age. >> being a little bit overweight may increase the incidence of some diseases. if you have those diseases, the
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outcomes seem to be a little better. in heart failure and perhaps end-stage rel disease and other medical conditions? >> enova fairfax cardiologist dr. bob shore says while these are interesting, there are dozens of risk factors besides weight that determine health and longevi. >> a person a few pounds joef weight that doesn't have cholesterol issues, is that lower cardiac rk than someone who say smoker who may be a few pounds lighter. >> reporter: michael knows that fitness and a healthy life-style are important. he cked up his exercise routine recently after doctors found a clogged artery in his chest. >> i feel like i'm putting in theeffort to be healthy so i'm a better husband, better father. >> one thing dr. shore stressed. a lot of studies really depends on a person's individual factors and there are just as many
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studies, maybe more out there that find that being a little bit underweight and restricting your calories can promote longevity. so best to work it out with your doctor before you start on a diet program. >> what to believe? what do you do? >> i know. it gets confusing. kind of hard to forecast this weather. >> i tell you what. >> we weren't supposed to get this much rain. >> we didn't think we would see severe thunderstorms. we did see a little bit in the way of rain. now we have severe thunderstorms and you know you're talking abt a line of strong thunderstorms when the national weather service issues a warning for ten counties at the same time. those counties included the panhandle of west virginia as well as parts of western virginia and northwestern parts of virginia and marylands well. haegerstown area, martinsburg, i-81 is really getting hit right now. live digital doppler radar, right around martinsburg,
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haegerstown. right under the gun. and wind gusts upper 60 miles per hour. winchester not there yet. over the next half hour, you'll see the storms move in yet. these storms have a history of severe weather well back to the wt and continues to move to the east at 45 miles an hour. that brings it close to frederick and the next hour or so towards brunswick, and maybe parts of loudoun county in an hour and a half. if they stay together, a strong storm system. we have to wait and see, but i think we have a chance of seeing storms continue to move off toward the west. a lot of rain earlier, most of the light rain out of here and hereomes the line. thatineñi is going to be the difference tomorrow morning when you wake up. why? we'll see different temperatures and it will feel a l better morrow than it did this afternoon. we reached a team toumperature . 63rd day of heat across the area
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and just as fast as temperatures rose, they plummeted to 70 degrees, we saw temperature goes from 92 to 72 in 20 minutes once rain moved on in. 69 in quantico. and we saw showers come through and look at this little system right here. that's the system that hashe storms with it, and that still has to move through for to us be able to clear out. i think we'll be clear across most of the area through 6:00. and that's when i expect the buss to start to roll around. 63 to 67. and futurecast showing warm temperatures today and behind the frontal boundary, nice weather moving in. and really for the entire weekend as well. as for as tropics go, a lot to talk about. karl a 100-mile-per-hour hurricane, and igor and julia as well. ir continuing to be a very
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strong category 3 with winds at 125 miles an hour it will make its way very close to bermuda,a, no threat to the east coast. tomorrow morning when you are waking up. stepping out the door, not too bad. most of that will be out of herea fewingering showers to the east. tomorrow afternoon, plenty of sunshine in the air. warm and breezy. 80 to 85 and the next four days showing 84 on saturday, 84 on sunday and 79 on monday. a pretty good forecast after we get through storms tonight. >> thank you. still ahead. a new typeof software that can prevent teens from texting behind the wheel. >> in sports, clinton portis like
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the skins' defense could get a boost agait the texans on sunday. i want to know what that boost might be. because they might need one. >> this offense, they will need a huge boost. is guy is one they are waiting to get back for a while. starting safety car even moore may be back on the field for the first time since arthroscopic surgery three weeks ago. haynesworthas limited in practice today. th didn't proechbt him from having fun with portis in the locker room. he was going to speak to the media after the controversial remarks about females in the locker room. he produced a few written messages to the media. the most happy man in the whole locker room, you see him back there, matt taylor. p.r. aide, not saying a word oday and they finally take off.
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michael vick starting for the eagles against detroit this weekend. vick felliilli in for kevin cob out for a concussion. the first start for vick in four years. since 2006. looked good relieving cobbast week. finishing with 101 and more than 100 yards rushing. is this vintage vick or what? he looked good. on sunday, he'll get four quarters. >> any time you have a -- an opportunity to -- to play and to start, it's --ou know it's a challenge thin itself, and it's also exciting. so like said, you have to make the most of it. you have to be ready, you have to be well prepared and make sure you do the things you can to put the team ahead. >> i'm excited to see michael vick back on the eld. he was the face of the nfl and nobody like him when he had the ball. >> no, he was sipg yngular. he better get better fast.
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>> michael vick locking good. hockey now, capitals wrapped up rookie camp with a scrimp ain against the fliers. played pretty well. training camp for the team arts this weekend. most veterans already in tn anxiously awaiting a chance to start a new season after a disappointing finish last year. >> again, it's -- it's hard experience for us, but life moves on and we just hope we see where we are last year, and i have to think about playoffs differently, so -- >> for me, i couldn't just -- i couldn't just sweep it under the rug and forget about it. and it -- it still stings. so try to use that as a motivating factor. come back to camp with a level of intensity you're ready to go and make some wrongs right. that being sd, we want to get back to spring as fast as we
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can. we can't get back to the regular season. we look at areas of weakness and become a better hockey team. >> capitals ready to get back to business. their first preseason game on 292nd of this month. wizards starting training camp pretty soon too. a whole lot going on. >> let's just fast forward to the playoff they always play so well to the regular season. let's just get to the playoffs and get to it then. chevy chase bank is becoming capital one bank. with the moslocations in the dc area, we figured they could use r help. ♪ down a bit. too much. [ crowd cheering ] [ grunts ] [ garth ] capital one bank. ow with the most branches and atms in the dc area.
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local teenagers and their parents got a cnce to try out a new device that prevents texting while driving. the software is called eyes up. it disables a cell phone when a vehicle goes faster than five miles an hour. calls and text messages held until the vehicle stops. it does allow 911 calls. it works on gps-enabled smart phones. they hope it will cut back on teen driving death take a look at this. a toddler crawls onto a busy road with traffic speeding by. traffic cameras in turkey captured this scene recently. the little boy got out of the house before his mother realized what happened. a truck driver sooenceventual s
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politics just got dirtier in new york state. a campaign flyer scented to smell like garbage was dropped into 200 mailboxes. it shows photos of democrats involved in scandals. it comes from a material that smells worse the longer it's exposed.


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